Performances of Celebrity and Authenticity: Literary Authors as Public Intellectuals

by Gaston Franssen (University of Amsterdam), Odile Heynders (Tilburg University) and Sanna Lehtonen (Tilburg University)

This panel will consider ways to think of and discuss issues of authenticity related to celebrity authorship and public intellectuals in a public space that is transforming due to mediatization and digitalization. While addressing different ways of defining authenticity in various contexts of the production and reception of literary texts, the panellists will examine what roles the concept of authenticity plays in (identity) politics and public interventions. Main questions are: In what ways do texts, authors and readers portray or perform authenticity? What are the tensions between the production of celebrity authorship and the performance of authenticity? What is the potential of literature (narrative devices; aesthetization of voice; suspension of disbelief) in these contexts?

See Abstracts for the individual lectures of Franssen, Heynders and Lehtonen.